MOOWEX Factory cooperates with Shanghai Jiao Tong University on technology, External Rotor Fan Blade adopts advanced aerodynamic design, which is beautiful appearance, high efficiency.


With many types of fans , we offer what you need.

Axial Fans

Cooling for inverters, frezzers, refrigerator, electrical box, electrical generator or motors and for various industrial equipments.

Mini AC/DC Fans

Cooling for UPS, Server Cabines, Freezers, Refrigerators, Bakery Machines, Inverters, Solar Systems and etc…

Radial Fans

Cooling for dehumidifiers, heat exchangers, CNC machines, purifier fans, UPS , Solar systems and various industrial equipments.

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Reliable products that have passed quality control tests

Fair Prices

We try to offer quality at an affordable price in a competitive market.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer products focused on customer satisfaction

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